Materials: Clay, polystyrene, blown foam, acrylic, wood and resin

Size: 38" high by 365" wide by 40" long

Price: TBD

I created this sculpture as a way of increasing awareness of a major Expedition that not many people are aware of.  That 1931 Expedition called for reaching the North Pole by going under the ice in a submarine. The Expedition was led by famed explorer Sir Hubert Wilkens and financed by the notorious publisher, William Randolph Hurst.   I am well aware of the Expedition as a dear friend of ours, Commander Isacc Schlossbach, served as the navigator on the Expedition.  The Nautilus, a World War 1 vintage submarine was plagued with problems from the beginning, but did manage to traverse some 50 miles under the ice before a major equipment problem forced them to turn back.  In my sculpture, the octopus is a metaphor for all the problems the Nautilus encountered.  This sculpture is complete and ready for casting in bronze in its current or an enlarged form.  A cost estimate is available on request.

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