Bob Foss
Agent and Gallerist

Bob is the dedicated agent and gallerist who has been by Pam's side throughout her illustrious career. As Pam's husband and business partner, Bob has played a pivotal role in promoting her work and managing the various galleries they've owned over the years. His unwavering support and passion for art and art history have been instrumental in shaping Pam's artistic journey and sharing her creations with the world.

With a profound appreciation for artistry and a keen understanding of the intricacies of the art world, Bob brings a unique perspective to his role as an agent and gallerist. His commitment to showcasing Pam's sculptures and fostering meaningful connections with collectors and enthusiasts alike has been instrumental in elevating her work to new heights of recognition and acclaim.

Beyond his role as Pam's business partner, Bob is a true aficionado of art and art history. His deep-seated passion for the creative process and the stories behind the artwork adds depth and richness to the gallery experience, enriching the lives of those who interact with Pam's sculptures.

As Pam's trusted confidant and collaborator, Bob continues to champion her artistic vision and support her endeavors with unwavering dedication. Together, they form a dynamic team, united in their shared love for art and their commitment to sharing its beauty with the world.

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