The Three Saints at Ohio State University

Bronze sculpture, polychrome patina

42" high by 96" long by 40" wide

©Pam Foss 2016

Thank you for visiting my website.  I have been creating visual art for more than 35 years and am pleased to give you the opportunity to see my work, in all of it's great diversity within the context of my career. 

As you  explore my website you will see how my art has developed over the years in terms of the subject matter, styles, and media I’ve utilized to develop my unique form of artistic expression. 

I suggest you start exploring my site by clicking on the Figuartive sculpture tab where you will see my most recent works including: a bronze of three life size St Bernard dogs I was commissioned to create for placement at Ohio State University and a new bronze limited edition of a bust of a thoroughbred horse with Blinkers On.  Also shown under my Figurative Sculpture tab are a number of bronzes in private and public collections that I've created over the course of my career. 

Other recent works in a wide variety of media and styles may be seen by clicking on the Abstract, Representational, and Styrofoam wall sculpture tabs as well as the Pop-up Diorama tabs. These pages, in particular, will demonstrate the amazing journey I’ve been on for the past six years where I’ve experimented with materials and process to explore the limits of form, style, and texture to achieve my modernist vision. 

As you explore my website, you will also discover pages devoted to my popular Painted Critter Collection, biographical and contact information as well as videos demonstrating the bronze casting process..

In February of  2016 I completed the bronze of three, life-size St Bernard dogs that were cast at Polich Tallix Foundry in Newburgh, New York.  The three bronzes were installed at the Ohio State University Veterinary Center in Columbus, Ohio on May 12, 2016..

Visits to my Studio/Gallery are by appointment only.  Telephone (410) 490-1140 for further information.